November 2018
Air Conditioning and Heat:.

Switching to heat:  When we turn off, or take out the ac units, if you live in an apartment that has central air, and you
do not have control of the heat:  If you are too hot, close your vents.  If you are too cold, open your vents.  Still
uncomfortable, call Jeanie at 307-532-6480.
When heat is on, please keep all doors and windows closed.  Yes, the Landlord pays the gas, but, if it is not controlled, it
results in higher rent rates.  Also, to open windows and doors, while the heat is on, does not cool the unit, but just
frustrates the heat controls, and may make it hotter instead of cooler.

Lawn Care:

Lawn care is furnished.  Lawn sprinklers are off for the winter.

Sidewalk care:
Every renter is responsible to scoop their own sidewalks and get themselves safely to and from their vehicles.  If you do
not understand what portion of sidewalk you are responsible for, please contact Jeanie Cronk at 307-532-6480.

Available Apartments:

We have some available apartments. They don't generally last long.  If you know someone who is looking, please have
them call Jeanie.

If you have never visited the Rawhide unit, you really should do so.  It is free, and wonderful.
Rawhide Wildlife Habitat Nature Trail (on the Rawhide Wildlife Habitat Management Area), a nature lover’s paradise.
Great opportunities for photography, camping, and hiking. Bird watchers can catch glimpses of bald and golden eagles,
hawks, owls and more than 50 species of songbirds. The area is also home to white-tailed and mule deer, cottontail
rabbits, red squirrels, wild turkeys, ring-necked pheasants, Canada geese and ducks. There are small populations of
perch, walleye, brown and rainbow trout, catfish and green sunfish in the North Platte River in this area. Hunters are
restricted to use of shotguns, black powder or archery equipment only on this habitat management area. The area is
open year round. Vehicular access is restricted to parking areas. Off-road vehicular access is not allowed.

West parking area is located 2 miles south of Lingle on Highway 156.

East parking is located 1 mile south of HWY 26 between Torrington and Lingle.

Old Fort Laramie is a wonderful historical place to visit, and it is free!  At the west end of Fort Laramie, turn south over
the railroad tracks, and follow the highway to the old fort.

See many more fun things to do at www.gogoshen.net.