November, 2020

I feel so lucky to have such a group of responsible, level headed Renters, in today's crazy
world.  Thank you to each of you.

I'm thankful that you are able to pay your rent this month.  This is not Public Housing
, and not
supplemented by the government, so it is important that we can collect rent


I am legally bound to provide a smoke free environment to everyone.  I know this weather is
hard to go outside to smoke in, but please continue to respect everyone by doing so.  Your
vehicle may provide protection from the weather.

It makes me happy to see Renters visiting together, whether they are outside smoking, or just in
the hallways.  If we get to know each other, it feels more homey.  I am wishing that I could afford
a gathering room for my renters, where I can allow smoking.  Maybe someday.

We are past air conditioning season.  The heat is turned on.  Your utilities are provided, but we
cannot continue to provide utilities, if you leave your windows open.  The gas bill comes right
out of our pockets, and we cannot afford to heat the entire outdoors.  Please close ALL

If you are too warm, please close your vents.  If you continue to be too warm, please notify
Jeanie at 307-532-6480.

If you are cold, and your vents are open, please notify Jeanie, also.  We do want for you to be


Your lease may seem somewhat confusing.  Your lease term is probably for one year.  At the
end of that year, your lease becomes a 'month-to-month' rental.  

You may vacate at any time, after this one year, by giving a one month notice.  I assume you
are staying unless you give a one month notice.

We also may change the price, or other terms, by giving you a one month notice.  Unless we
give that notice, the price remains the same.

To avoid changes in the lease terms, you may sign a new one year lease, at whatever rate we
agree to.